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Where Were the Cops?

my verse for the song Jordyn (Habitat) wrote-- "Where Were the Cops?"
He wrote the chorus below it. Naomi will be singing it in our performance this Thursday.

Our society is all about control
So when my dad found a hole in Springfield’s pay roll
They stuck him in state pen just for sayin
They aint payin no custodians three million
They weren’t playing when they said “don’t expose us”
Busted down his door and fucked his ass up
Hand cuffs found his wrists got that four to six
I was pissed, shitting bricks. He disappeared like he didn’t exist
I asked myself, “what’s the difference
Between a criminal and a vigilant?”
Because of those meddling, crooked ass pigs,
I lost him and it cost us our relationship
How could I know so young those cops are double crossin?
Pressing zero to accept the collect call from Boston
But when he came back he told me, Kid,
NO ONE watches the watchmen, yeah.
He said No one Watches the Watchmen, girl.
No one watches the watchmen.

The chorus is:
Where were the cops when Eric got killed on the monument square?
Bustin kids with gangster lids when they smelled weed in the air
It was 8 to 9 on a bright summer night when his fate met despair
True crime is fine if it’ll only make a dime and it only costs a prayer.



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