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things i have found.

i am cleaning my room. all of the posts after this will be from things ive ripped out of notebooks-- high school, college, summer, doesnt matter.  my words are every where, in between the algebra, after the rough drafts, before the numbers, bullets and sketches.

also, i make a lot of fucking lists.

so, to keep up with tradition, here's one:

things to buy:

mic adapter
school books
license (lollll i suck.)
more odwalla! im obsessed
protein (the good organic type will do)

and thats all i can think of.
my room is such a hgidfdflglkhf work in progress. but its getting there! i have a desk now that I can sit at and type things.  I have new shelves and got rid of the old crapstic ones. i bought thumb tacks and my walls are feeling more home-y and Ive sorted through so much yuck that i cant think about it.

found pictures of you as a little girl and i had to put them back inside the card and forget about them some more. im not ready to sort you yet. im getting there though.