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things ive found 2

makes no difference to be out of the norm,
cliche attacks on my appearance
i swear one of these days it WILL get old.

ive become a floorboard with just my face to be stepped on though im durable enough to hold up the world, separated by the countless parts, the whole picture shows the hole i cover.
sometimes i try to trip you up, i want to lie, and sometimes i hope your socks get caught in my frayed edges that i cover so well with ill-placed furniture that has been dragged across my features, leaving gashes and scrape marks.

location: in a notebook from a summer camp i went to summer after freshman year of high school.
age: about 15
comments: okay i see you, younger-self. good concept with the metaphor, could have been executed better but the work im doing now on intentionality is taking care of that. and just so you know, younger-self, it did get old, and though you will probably never stop facing attacks because of your appearance, at least now you look the way your heart feels, and who could ask for anything more?