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things ive found 4 (written at work)

verses written at work:
(i can tell because theyre always folded into a small square and each square/side is numbered so i can know what order to read them in. its so i can write on the guard tube without my boss seeing.)

1. for war

one world, one home to destroy
playing with death like life's a toy
one breath and the next could be the last you enjoy
the bloods on your hands, girls and boys
ghosts and stands are all that remain
bombing for pride but what do we gain?
kill for the peace, see how they maim?
it's chilling how cold power became
once it got its first taste of our pain
blotches of shame drip from our legs
so we run through our days, sip every dreg
of our coffee and forget there are family members dead.

date: may 2011
purpose: brain storming to see if i could write a sufficient poem for the song that I wrote for mairead and i's final project. she wanted it to be about war and we ended up using andrea gibson's piece "for eli". it turned out sick, but i figured since i spend so much of my life writing lyrics i might as well try to write something of my own before i used someone else's work, even if it is beautifully crafted and i tweaked it to suit our purpose.

2. a memory storm

if i can document how each person changes maybe they dont want to hear it, maybe you'll always be the same.
maybe you dont even have the urge to hear this anymore
the thoughts of me growing out of myself, my old ways

there are things i remember that you spent in your head.
real hands. several times ive had to forget how they feel in mine, or maybe i just have to ignore that i know someday ill remember maybe i wont want to forget
your eyes
when i forged through the storm in your heart and you opened up your lungs and i sucked your soul from your lips

you know where to put your hands and when to tell me what
is in your head (You) in parenthesis, me with a semi-colon
red blue button down read wrong again-- i'd rather not know instead, dont tell me what the others think, it changes every moment.

date: i have no idea, 2011
purpose? this is some sort of brain storm. the italics indicated cursive. i have no fucking clue what im writing this for, but i know the who of the beginning and i can guess it about the parts following pleasure. must be some time april.

3. scrubbin on em

i wrap like saran
make left overs of ya, man
im hot headed, your minds lukewarm
make it rain words call it a brain storm
i aint scrubbin on em, but if you could pick me up
ill rub you down something nice.
im never buggin on em, aint no parasite,
thuggin every morning
already got my swag on before im stretchin, yawnin

i aint got no wheels but the feels i cop
make the tricks wanna treat me to the candy shop
and with the beats i drop, their pants fall too
i aint ballin' but at least i CALL you
entrall you from the passenger seat
thats shotgun im hangin from though im no elite
i kiss like im one If im a buster, why i make you bust complete?
have you trustin me, i hope your love dont cost a thang
like a packet of mustard please dont get flustered if i scrub its with mr. clean
i got the rap free to rupture, happy fucking halloween

my ass aint broke, in fact its quite put together
i live with my kinfolk and i take walks to wherever
but any girl who gets my jokes i could be with forever
so long as she knows my only buried treasure
resides in my mouth, gotta tongue to make her shout
and yes, this is my best friend's ride im hangin out
aint my fault yo booty's somethin to holler about.
these lovely independant cuties got me wilin' out
so i rain this freestyle no brainstorm, no clouds
get loud, get proud like a homo spit purple on em
steve urkle on em hotter than the potter phenomenon i nerd up on em
no cash but i got these dinosaur words to vomit
you need a thesaurus and a stritz of comit
mixed with a dish rag cuz youre a scrub honestly NO CONTEST.

date: october, 2010
purpose: debut with reverends rebels was on halloween, and i have a 12 bar freestyle. i was so nervous. i always brainstorm before live impromptu shit, especially if i have specific things i want to be sure i remember. like talking about being a scrub and mentioning the holiday. i used a portion of the first bit, or something inspired by it. i remembered this one being very successful, but also the one i prepared the most for.

4. dance anthem

im just a pip squeak
bouncing like a maniac
every time i speak
i become such a pain in the ass
that brainiac, too unique
cant handle me? sit back
enjoy the light i give your bleak
life, relax.
no, fuck that. get on your feet
and twerk that jerk like i do
take it to the street
let the booze create new dance moves.
juke step, too wrecked
to do anything that looks cool
disrespect, just offend
every girl they so cruel!

date: feburary, 2011
prupose: dumb dance verse for a good, heavy hip hop dance beat. inspired by and written while working at the front desk for the basketball game. their warm up mix is all this retarded jerk rap music and i would sit there and listen and be like, if youre gonna suck, at least be fucking good at sucking. i have like a million of these hidden about in my shit, useless and yet so marketable.

5. on a blue post-it note:

girls up, bros down
fuck bitches, get muscles
hip hop in a sports bra ft. handsome beats
young buzz cut baby
call me a dude, boy boy, cant you see my cups?
line up:
new leaves
beast of the mic
play hard, work harder
love song
a little insane
you were
twit verse, dance verse, party song could be combined into one?
i miss you verse?
trick rap

(advertising ideas/the line up for my goho show in march)